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(sub)urban warrior is an artist working out of the burbs who has an urban vibe to her work. She is influenced greatly by street art as well as fine art masters, and she blends the two genres together, paying homage to each of them in her own way. Her creations have also been described as National Geographic meets Disney, a description she is glad to embrace. She uses her fine art background and skill set to create her own set of characters, combining different animal and human anatomies together into new creatures she has named beasties. These beasties are nomadic and ancient beings who navigate cities, mountains, and plains sharing wisdom and spreading beauty. Currently they are her main focus, and she has been developing them and adding to their story. Color and line work are important aspects of her art. Bright colors draw the viewer in, and line work creates a natural ebb and flow to the images. While meaning can most always be found in the work, the true intention remains with the artist, and she looks to her audience to find something for themselves in her paintings and drawings. There are often dual meanings imbedded in the work, and whimsy often melds with deeper thought processes. Being born and raised in the Midwest has added a decorative element to her work as well, honoring the kitsch aesthetic she has been surrounded by her whole life, but adding a twist to elevate those elements. She will always expand her mediums and forms of expression, hoping to bring a larger audience into her made up world.  

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